Clinical Commissioning Group – Turnaround

Turnaround of £500m Clinical Commissioning Group.


Appointed as an independent Turnaround Director to lead the turnaround in one CCG and subsequently asked to work with another connected CCG.
Organisation had just agreed a new and revised NHS England recovery plan and was coming under increasing pressure regarding its delivery of the plan which included a long list of cost saving initiatives.

Key Challenges

Many of the cost reduction initiatives were either purely financial or had a limited amount of background data to show how and when the initiative would deliver.
Pressure was being brought to bear to present the required outturn even though current performance was suggesting otherwise.
Particularly challenging budget areas where Continuing Care and Prescribing.
Clinical Executive group were relatively divided on financial status, merit of current and future necessary initiatives and the challenge of bringing their respective practices along with them.
Relatively early on both CEO and CFO were exited from the Organisation.

Main Actions

Ensured Ensured Turnaround plans, processes and structures were in place to manage delivery and additional initiatives where added where necessary.
Strong engagement ensuring frank and open dialogue with all members of Clinical Executive and relevant governing body members 
Ensured robust challenge within Executive Team around ambition, delivery and transparency.
Liaised with NHSE and where relevant main providers and other stakeholders.
Mentored and supported executives in two challenging areas (CHC and Prescribing).
Ensured challenged financial position for future years was transparent and understood by key stakeholders.
Drove 16/17 plan development and the expectations of radical decisions from clinical executive on £45m combined turnaround plans for both CCGs
Provided strong independent advice and support to new Accountable Officer facing challenging financial circumstances and some difficult internal and external relationships.

Main Results And Achievements

Both CCGs were on target to deliver their updated plans with combined saving of c.45m p.a.
Confidence level demonstrated by NHSE improved as initiatives started to deliver.

Organisation routinely identified as best in the area regarding its performance management and reporting of its cost reduction initiatives.
Working with clinical executive members, prescribing support team and visits to individual practices saw significant turnaround in overall trajectory of prescribing costs.
Clinical Executive bought into overall process and accepted the challenges of the difficult decisions that needed to be made.