General Case Study

Short Term Business Reviews & Pre Deal Business Capability Reviews

Requested by major PLC to deliver a “quick and dirty” review of likely food business acquisition and report to divisional CEO on main areas he should explore with acquiring Management Team on following key subjects.
Key issues to be aware of during integration.

My view of vendors forecast and any critical issues to be validated.
My view of acquiring managers’ forecast and efficiency assumptions.
Validate acquiring FD’s forecast model. Any concerns or major omissions over Management Information within Data Room.
Assistance to designer led Shoe Retailer – appraising finance function and systems  – specification and placement of interim Finance Head.
Assistance to Organic Food producer – General overview of Business and opportunities for improvement.

Requested my major PLC to deliver a  review of household name “food business” not delivering to forecast and with a potential acquisition in the pipeline.

Focus on FD and Management Systems
New product development
Efficiency Plans and likely delivery
Overall management competency and interaction.
Requested to return to a previous client to assist them in second round of sales process.
Oversaw accelerated implementation of new Coda ledgers.
Co-ordinated production for new IBP.
Liaised with Big 4 firm to deliver VDD.

Requested by big 4 firm to review Finance Function, systems and positioning within “Household Name” food distribution group preparing for MBO.

Assessed competencies and overall role of Finance
Review business planning systems
Recruited New FD
Produced recommendations and provided templates for other key “Business Critical” functions and reporting.
Continued to provide low key Mentoring support for FD.

PCT requested assistance in resolving relationship damaging Performance Team weaknesses.

Assess overall team and interaction in organisation with external stakeholders.
Steadied and secured services of key players in department.
Drove PCT to deliver wholesale Management Team change.
Secured Interim cover for likely areas of gap and to take on area pre changes.
Interfaced with key stakeholders to repair damage.
Set up focused projects to move forward on critical targets.