Community Health Provider Transformation – Consultancy

Organisational Transformation Project including separation form it’s Parent Organisation


Asked to assist the COO to drive the organisation’s development and separation from its host PCT.
The Organisation had a poor reputation, but was required to be able to stand alone as an NHS organisation in a sector that was going to be opened to competition from other NHS organisation and the independent and charity sectors.
I had originally completed a review of the organisation on behalf of the PCT which had shown them to be significantly behind the pace and lacking in leadership. This had resulted in regime change
Subsequently asked to drive development of  Commercial Financial process.

Key Challenges

There were major issues with the management structures and in some cases capability.
There were several key skills missing particularly around newly required commercial processes.
The host PCT and its Board had a low opinion of the Organisation and its capability and required an ongoing programme of reassurance as to its progress.
Without confidence in its ability to stand alone the organisation would end up being merged with another NHS organisation.
As progress was made more specific gaps became apparent such as:
Lack of organisational understanding of efficiency and productivity and robust methodology to deliver same.
Low understanding and capability regarding the commercial requirements of a stand alone business.

Main Actions

Set up Business Improvement plan and structure utilising a Turnaround framework.
Took a principal role in designing management structures and recruiting to these roles – where necessary interim posts were utilised.
Assisted COO in managing relations with PCT board and NEDs including a progressive plan of reputation enhancing updates and presentations.
Mentored senior team on a range of issues concerning their approach, management, coordination of their teams and delivering their plans.

Main Results And Achievements

Business Improvement plan (Moving Forward) delivered 100 diverse projects in six months, involving 10 workstreams.
Business on target to produce its first meaningful  Strategic Direction and Integrated five year business plan.
Board approved recommendation to allow organisation to apply for Community Foundation Trust Status recognising a vast shift in their perception of its capability and reputation.
Implementation of a Cost Improvement Plan to deliver £5.0m. of annual savings.
New Commercial capability and processes introduced combined with revised focus and expectation of Finance function
Rolling Efficiency Identification and Delivery Programmes
Objective Performance Management and Risk process
Focussed problem solving and root cause analysis